Write For Me!

“We stand on the shoulder’s of giants” is a pretty bold quote when it comes to talking about a lifestyle blog, but, for me, it is just as relevant here as it was for whatever it was that the person who said it was first referring to.

I would be nowhere in my DIY thrifty journey without devouring the hundreds of blogs out there that write on the exact same things that I do, so I like to keep my blog open to other writers who think they have something to contribute.

That being said the nature of offering guest posts on the internet means I have to set out a few ground rules:

  • The post must be relevant to the type of stuff I post on my website. Don’t pitch me articles about buying car insurance or installing floating floorboards. I will ignore your email and mark it as spam.
  • Don’t send me content that is published elsewhere.
  • Don’t put links in the content that aren’t useful to the reader. I understand that the main reason you might want to write for me is ‘for a link’ and I don’t mind if you link to your website but make it relevant.
  • Don’t use ‘exact match’ keyword anchor text. I know what it looks like and I will remove them if I notice them.

But those are pretty much the only hard and fast rules.

I highly encourage you sending me through images – even if they are only free-use ones. It makes my life a lot easier.

Drop me an email at guestpost@anothercentsaved.com.