How to Get Permanent Marker Off Wood #DIY

I would like to introduce you to my favorite kitchen accessory: The Learning Tower by Little Partners. It is absolutely one of the things that I would highly recommend a parent with a toddler to get. It allows my child to be independent while also being well contained. Too bad it doesn’t also provide built-in supervision because when I turned my back for a couple of minutes, this happened…

Yes, that one-of-a-kind masterpiece was made by my son in Sharpie. I might have actually thrown up in my mouth when I saw it and I imagined that his artwork would taunt me for the next couple of years every time I looked at it.

Thankfully, there is a solution to a permanent marker on wood: alcohol and a Magic Eraser. Yes, it is that easy. I initially tried alcohol and a regular sponge. While that did take some of the permanent marker off, my scrubbing had minimal results. With almost no effort, the Magic Eraser with a little alcohol worked wonders. It also saved my sanity for the day. 🙂

Have you ever had your heart stopped over writing on wood? Share your story. We definitely know we are not alone in this 🙂

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