Cupcake Train Cake – DIY Birthday Celebration!

Little boys love trains.

If you have a little one’s birthday coming up and looking for fun cake ideas this is a great easy option that will see their faces light up. Making cupcakes is easy, you can decorate them with goodies and, especially with really little ones, cupcakes do away with the need for having have sharp knives around.

Cupcake Train Cake- DIY Birthday Celebration

Image source: Brisbane Kids


  • Marshmallows (4 for each train car) – used for wheel base
  • Graham Crackers (1 for each train car) – used as the body of the train car
  • Toothpicks (2 for each train car) – used for the wheel base
  • Oreos (4 for each train car) – used for the wheels
  • Icing – used as the glue to hold the wheels to the wheel base
  • Cupcakes (2 for each train car)


  1. To make the wheel bases of the “train car,” use a toothpick to hold together 2 marshmallows by inserting the toothpick into the center of one marshmallow and then stacking the second marshmallow on top.
  2. Repeat step 1 so that you have 2 wheel bases.
  3. Place a graham cracker on top the marshmallow wheel bases so that the marshmallows support the front and the back of the graham cracker.
  4. Using the icing as a glue, place some icing on one side of an Oreo cookie and then attach the Oreo to one of the marshmallows.
  5. Repeat step 4 so that each marshmallow has an Oreo attached.
  6. Place 2 cupcakes on the graham cracker to compete the train car.
  7. Repeat steps 1-6 to make as many train cars as you want.
  8. Add a toy engine car.

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