10 uses for Dental Floss (Tips and Tricks)

Having our own Tips and Tricks that we use in our homes definitely makes our lives easier. Sharing them makes all of us better

One of my favorite tips that I use all the time in my home is: Dental Floss! Not just for flossing teeth anymore.

We usually score Dental Floss free with our coupons. So it’s nice when we can re-purpose uses.

I just pull of a few inches, wrap around my fingers and use it.

Some of my favorite uses are…

  1. Slicing butter or soft cheeses.
  2. Cutting cookie dough rolls cleanly without any squishing you get from knives.
  3. Cut cake layers. I’ve done up to 6 layers beautifully
  4. Cut any loaf of bread, Especially great for Banana Bread
  5. Unwaxed dental floss can also be used to to tie up roasts. I even use it to tie bacon on steaks.
  6. Slice boiled eggs and cranberry sauce
  7. Herb stringing. I hang my herbs to dry and use dental floss to also string them.
  8. Popcorn garland at Holiday Time or just to feed the birds
  9. As a holder for plants. Some of my houseplants are just to delicate for harsh rope. I also like its almost invisible, not bulky!
  10. Tie up bags.

Do you have a Hint or Tip for Dental floss that you use?? Drop us a line or leave a comment ~ We would love to hear from you

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